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anyone using www/privoxy?

I've just installed (as non-root) www/privoxy on MacOS 10.6.4.
When I try to start it, I get:

mac:privoxy schwarz$ /Users/schwarz/pkg/sbin/privoxy --no-daemon 
Nov 05 23:50:53.190 00000358 Info: Privoxy version 3.0.16
Nov 05 23:50:53.190 00000358 Info: Program name: /Users/schwarz/pkg/sbin/privoxy
Nov 05 23:50:53.192 00000358 Fatal error: can't load actions file 
'/Users/schwarz/pkg/etc/privoxy/default.action': line 625: cannot create URL 
pattern from: /.*\.(gif|jpe?g|png|bmp|ico)($|\?)

any idea what's wrong with the config files provided by pkgsrc (or more 
precisely privoxy itself)?

As an extra question, the Makefile includes
OWN_DIRS_PERMS+=        /var/log/privoxy ${USER_GROUP} 0775

Shouldn't that better ${VARBASE:Q}/log/privoxy instead?

Georg Schwarz +49 170 8768585

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