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Re: amd64: gnash + youtube works, sounds too. Thanks.

On 10/31/10 11:32, OBATA Akio wrote:

On Sun, 31 Oct 2010 07:07:25 +0900, Cem Kayali <> wrote:

Open $HOME/.gnashpluginrc file. And insert/replace following line:

set streamsTimeout 10

I have never edited .gnasrc, but mine have followings:
set streamsTimeout 60
And you can edit it with right-click => edit preferences => Network tab.

If you see "no available FLASH decoders for codec 10 (Advanced Audio Coding)",
audio/gst-plugins0.10-faad will resolve the issue.

Thanks, but please note default installation sets streamsTimeout value to 2 only, and it timeouts quickly while trying to play youtube videos.


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