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Re: Silly beginners question

On Thu, 26 Aug 2010, Stefan Palm wrote:

> as I need custom packages for various platforms - mainly for Solaris & 
> Linux - I decided to give pkgsrc a try. The keep the packages as much 
> in sync as possible I though it might be a goot idea to use the same 
> compiler on all platforms so I compiled "lang/gcc34". Now I'm kind of 
> uncertain how to proceed.
> 1) "lang/gcc34" tells me to
> ===========================================================================
> $NetBSD: MESSAGE,v 1.2 2005/09/28 14:15:49 rillig Exp $
> gcc34-3.4.6nb3 has been installed in /swmtools/gcc34
> To use this compiler in pkgsrc:
>    1) In your "pre-configure" target:
>    .include "../../lang/gcc34/"
>    2) .include "../../lang/gcc34/"
> The "" makefile fragment will override the compiler tools
> selected by ../../mk/ to use gcc version 3.4.x.
> ===========================================================================

> Where should I put this two include lines? Into the "mk.conf" or do I 
> realy have to edit every Makefile of every single package I want to 
> build?

I think that MESSAGE should be removed as it is not used by the 
"end-user" but only for package maintainers.

> 2) gcc34 installs into its own dir; would I include that into my $PATH 
> or just set CC/CXX with full path in "mk.conf"?

By default, pkgsrc will use gcc. See

The pkgsrc/mk/compiler/ is used to look for your gcc and make sure 
its version is good enough. So set your PATH so it sees your gcc first.

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