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texlive and pkgsrc (and why should cross/avr-libc need tex at all?)


I was wondering how difficult it would be to have some form of support
for an independent system-wide texlive installation in pkgsrc, similar
to the way in which non-pkgsrc installations of some other software
(motif, x11, etc.) are supported.  Since the official texlive
distribution comes with its own package manager, and already includes
NetBSD binaries (i386 only but they work perfectly under emulation on
amd64) I find it more practical to use texlive rather than
create/update a pkgsrc package for each of the (many) texlive packages
I miss (besides I never could completely figure out the organization
of pkgsrc's tex system or get it to to behave in exactly the same way
as texlive).

But then, installing something as seemingly unrelated as
cross/avr-libc pulls in a whole lot of tex-related packages (via
doxygen), which I would rather avoid, given that I already have a
complete and working texlive installation in place.

Any comments?


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