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NetBSD requirements, 4 to 5 (was RE: Old Binary Packages/Sources (NetBSD/i386 1.5.3)?)

> The bumping of the minimum memory requirement was IIRC mostly a
> reflection of reality as well. NetBSD 5.0 doesn't require 8 times
> the
> amount of memory as 4.0 did, it is more like you already wanted more
> than 16MB for anything useful in the 4.0 age too.

Well, useful is a subjective term.  :)  On my 68k Macs, I like to have them 
running xscreensaver, albeit sometimes at less than 1 FPS, just because I can.  
(The most interesting conversations start up sometimes when people come by and 
see that.)  Requiring 32+ MiB "just to install/run" is a lot different than 
requiring that "to be 'useful'".

Tim Larson
App Admin, Intercall Production Services

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