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Re: Old Binary Packages/Sources (NetBSD/i386 1.5.3)?

On Sun, 22 Aug 2010 02:01:53 +0000 (GMT) The Beyonder
<> wrote:
> "
> With regard to the question:
> > I don't understand why. You may want to use recent supported
> > NetBSD and provide feedback on how it does or doesn't work well
> > with your old system.
> The NetBSD/i386 5.0.2 GENERIC (we believe) kernel seemed to cause
> the 486 to halt when booted from floppy disk. In contrast the
> NetBSD/i386 1.5.3 GENERIC (again we believe) booted successfully.

So why not NetBSD 4, NetBSD 3, NetBSD 2, or NetBSD 1.6? Why the
arbitrary and capricious decision to use 1.5?

Anyway, if you want to use 1.5, go right ahead, but I don't think
anyone should be helping you to do that. It is an irrational
decision. If, instead, you would like to get help running 5 on your
system, I think there are multiple people who would assist.

Also what's with the "we" and "believe"? Are you a large group? Do you
not *know* if the machine booted successfully or not?

Perry E. Metzger      

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