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Re: Fwd: Java status NetBSD

Hi all,

jdk15 is not buildable I assume- I tried this in the past and it failed. Perhaps openjdk6 would be more convenient- but as I said- openjdk plugin is also problematic- not only under NetBSD but also under linux (arch linux has openjdk6 and I can't run this applet as well).

Thanks for all- I will give a try FreeBSD 8.1 after being long user of NetBSD :)



On Sun, Aug 15, 2010 at 3:29 PM, Mark Davies <> wrote:
On Sunday 15 August 2010 20:28:40 Piotr Adamus wrote:
> I am not blaiming netbsd nor pkgsrc developers- openjdk applet is
> failing on every platform- linux, windows. This is not NetBSD problem.
> The only thing I am curious about is why we removed active supprot for
> sun jdk wehreas FreeBSD and OpenBSD still support sun jdk (blackdown?,
> diablo patches)?

So I spent a chunk of today trying to build the jdk15 plugin and almost
(but not quite) got it to build but then I found the following note on a page:

Starting in Firefox 3.6, Mozilla foundation will drop support on OJI (Open
Java Virtual Machine Integration) and will only support the standard NPAPI
and NPRuntime interfaces. The Java Plug-in which is in Java version 6
update 10 or newer versions supports the NPAPI and NPRuntime interfaces.
Therefore, starting with Firefox 3.6, Java-based applets will NOT work
unless you are running Java version 6 Update 10 or newer.

So it seems that even if I got it to build its not going to work with the
current firefox so seems like icedtea is the only option :-(
I wonder if there would be less issues if we were building openjdk6 rather
than 7?


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