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Re: comms/conserver8 suggestion

On Dec 23,  5:36pm, Chris Ross wrote:
}   In the suggested rc.d script, it would be nice if conserver shut down
} at shutdown, since it maintains TCP connections that would be better
} shut down cleanly.

     How do you know they aren't shut down cleanly?  The app could trap
signal 15 (the one sent by default by the kill command and the one
first sent to an app when the system is shutting down) and do the right

}    I propose the following [simple] patch to the rc.d script in
} pkgsrc...

     The patch will do absolutely nothing.  All it does is arrange to
have the script called at shutdown time.  You still need to program the
actions that the script should take at shutdown time.

}-- End of excerpt from Chris Ross

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