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Re: Remaining DESTDIR packages


I have a partly working openttd port with destdir enabled. it compiles
fine, but support for the new opengfx and open mxs should be added. I
could not figure it out yet, and nowadays i have no time to find it out.

Should anybody have the time, and knowledge to do  it (basically
                download 3 files, and extract them to a dir, if an option is
                enabled, that should be enabled by default) Feel free to do so.

The port is available at the hg (mercurial) repo at
among many other half or not even that much done packages.

Greetings: GÃbor Gergely
BÃzzÃl Istenben, Ãs tartsd szÃrazon a puskaport!
Put your trust in God, and keep the gunpowder dry!

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