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RE: cannot open pkgdb

> > I've re-bootstrapped with this var set, and the first couple
> subsequent
> > packages (digest, tnftp) seem to have built and installed okay.
> I'm
> > going to build gcc44 next and see what happens.
> Let's start easily. What exactly are you running in first place?

Not sure what you're asking for...

After exporting the CPPFLAGS you gave, bootstrap completed okay.  I added the 
usual culprits (OBJMACHINE, PACKAGES, PKG_DEVELOPER) to mk.conf, and noted that 
CPPFLAGS was already in there.

First thing I wanted to do was build gcc from pkgsrc.  Tried that, but had old 
work dirs in the way, so I removed those (for digest and tnftp) and built them. 
 Then I returned to gcc.  That required a download (using tnftp) and 
verification (using digest), and the verification failed.

So it appears that your suggestion fixes (at least works around) the pkgdb 
problem I was seeing.  The other problem, well, that's the other thread.  :)

Tim Larson
App Admin, Intercall Production Services

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