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bootstrapping AIX

Anyone tried to bootstrap on AIX recently?  Get stuck in bmake (20100510):

gcc -o bmake main.o arch.o buf.o compat.o cond.o dir.o for.o getopt hash.o 
job.o make.o make_malloc.o parse.o sigcompat.o str.o strlist.o suff.o targ.o 
trace.o var.o util.o lstAppend.o lstDupl.o lstInit.o lstOpen.o lstAtEnd.o 
lstEnQueue.o lstInsert.o lstAtFront.o lstIsAtEnd.o lstClose.o lstFind.o 
lstIsEmpty.o lstRemove.o lstConcat.o lstFindFrom.o lstLast.o lstReplace.o 
lstFirst.o lstDatum.o lstForEach.o lstMember.o lstSucc.o lstDeQueue.o 
lstForEachFrom.o lstDestroy.o lstNext.o lstPrev.o
cd /usr/pkgsrc/bootstrap/work/bmake/AIX/unit-tests && 
/usr/pkgsrc/bootstrap/work/bmake/AIX/bmake -r -m / 
TEST_MAKE=/usr/pkgsrc/bootstrap/work/bmake/AIX/bmake test
/usr/pkgsrc/bootstrap/work/bmake/AIX/bmake -f Makefile > test.out 2>&1

And then it sits here forever, and nothing gets written to test.out.


Tim Larson
App Admin, Intercall Production Services

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