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libarchive-2.8.4 for testing

Hi all,
I have a pending update for libarchive and would like to see some wide
spread testing to prevent any regressions. This addresses PR 43175,
43371 and similar issues on modern OpenBSD due to arbitrary breakage of
sha2.h. The mentioned poll issues on Minix as well as getpwnam_r and
getgwnam_r requirements should be solved as well.

You can find the prerelease tarball at

./configure && make check 
is a good test case.  You can also extract the tarball and replace
archivers/libarchive/files with libarchive-2.8.4 and bootstrap normally.

On some filesystems (those with extremely large inode numbers), two of
the cpio testcases may fail. OpenBSD is known to fail at one entry test
case due to lack of proper locale support. I'm interesting in feedback
especially from the more exotic platforms.


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