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Re: gnome-keyring

  I just tried a pkg_rolling-replace -ruv, with CVS-head, and ran into:

As always, when pkg_rolling-replace fails, fall back to manual 'make
replace', because the problem is typically not in pkg_rolling-replace.

The problem is because of the combination of

  we don't have support for make replace of packages that change names

  gnome-keyring now depends on libgnome-keyring, which used to be part
  of gnome-keyring (I think)

I did (w/o DESTDIR, because OLD_NAME doesn't work with DESTDIR)

  make replace OLDNAME=gnome-keyring

in libgnome-keyring.  That marks all the dependencies unsafe_depends, so
they get rebuilt and the fact that probably they ought to depend on
gnome-keyring as well as libgnome-keyring gets cleaned up pretty soon.

The other thing I'm inclined to do at some point add support for is to
have a wrapper (or maybe this belongs in pkg_delete) to be able to do
pkg_delete -f of the gnome-keyring packages and mark all depending
packages unsafe_depends.  Then pkg_rr will clean up from the bad
dependency state.

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