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Re: help wanted: problems with various packages

Thomas Klausner <wiz <at>> writes:

> While working on the png update, I've found some problems with
> building packages on amd64. Here's a list of packages with the
> matching error that broke the build for me.
> If you know how to fix them, please send patches :)

> devel/frama-c:
> File "ptests/", line 57, characters 6-15:
> Error: This expression has type
>          ?temp_dir:string -> string -> string -> string
>        but an expression was expected of type string -> string -> string

This is a known incompatibility introduced in a recent version of OCaml.
The following patch, taken from
string--%3E-string-td27540744.html ,
fixes it:

--- frama-c-20090902+beryllium+dfsg.orig/ptests/ 
+++ frama-c-20090902+beryllium+dfsg/ptests/ 
@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@ 
       fun a b -> let r = temp_file a b in 
        cygpath r 
-      temp_file 
+      (fun x y -> temp_file x y) 
 let default_env var value = 

You could also upgrade the port to refer to the last version of Frama-C,
but that may be more work.


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