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Re: SqueezeboxServer package

On Thu, Jun 10, 2010 at 01:46:59AM +0000, Quentin Garnier wrote:
> I've started off with a Makefile written by Matt Green, although I think
> I've changed pretty much everything in it since.
> The tarball is relative to the root of the pkgsrc tree, it expands as a
> file in licenses/ and a set of directories under local/ (as there is a
> number of Perl packages that are not in pkgsrc yet).
> Keep me on the CC list if you want me to know about your replies, as I
> am not subscribed.
> I don't intend to commit all that stuff myself;  if a fellow developer
> is happy with the packages and wants to do it, may s/he be my guest.

If you don't intend to import it because you're not sure of the
quality, please add it to pkgsrc-wip. That way it's easier for others
to test and improve it.

Thank you,

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