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2010Q1 package binaries for NetBSD/macppc 5.0


it seems I didn't announce the initial upload of packages from
pkgsrc-2010Q1 for NetBSD/macppc 5.0.  However, they are now
ready, and a re-build has also been done.  The packages can be
found in

A total of 10GB of packages have been uploaded, for a total of
8331 packages.  The re-build contained 4.5GB of packages for a
total of 1563 packages.  The packages available in new versions
in the re-build or which were not available earlier are:

abcm2ps-5.9.13, bind-9.5.2pl2nb1, bind-9.6.1pl3nb1, clamav-0.96.1,
dvipng-1.12nb2, dvipsk-5.98nb1, erlang-13.2.3nb4, esniper-2.23.0,
fetchmail-6.3.17nb1, fetchmailconf-6.3.17, gbrainy-1.40, gcc34-3.4.6nb3,
geeklog-, irssi-0.8.15, jabberd-1.4.2nb8,
kdebase-workspace4-4.3.5nb3, mit-krb5-1.4.2nb10, mono-addins-0.4nb2,
monodevelop-2.2.1, mplayer-plugin-3.55nb1, mysql-client-5.1.45,
nano-2.2.4, p5-File-BaseDir-0.03nb1, p5-File-DesktopEntry-0.04nb1,
pcre-8.02, php-5.3.2nb2, postgresql84-8.4.4,
postgresql84-adminpack-8.4.4, postgresql84-client-8.4.4,
postgresql84-plperl-8.4.4, postgresql84-plpython-8.4.4,
postgresql84-pltcl-8.4.4, postgresql84-server-8.4.4,
spamass-milter-0.3.1nb1, tor-, tremor-tools-,
typolight27-2.7.7nb1, typolight27-example-2.7.7, typolight28-2.8.3nb1,
and typolight28-example-2.8.3.

This build was done with sources from May 24.

For the packages which are not architecture-specific (should be
the vast majority), these packages should also be usable on other
powerpc ports.

Since we hold only two sets of binaries per os-version/os-arch, the
packages for NetBSD/macppc 5.0 for 2009Q3 will be deleted shortly.


- Håvard

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