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Re: Pkgsrc on linux, defective by design ?

Ross Cameron <> writes:

> Out of total curiosity (and I know I shouldn't be asking this but
> anyhow) WHY are you trying to use PKGSRC on CentOS?
>     There is little sense to be made of that.

We use RHEL and/or CentOS at $DAYJOB.  We need a set of up to date
software packages, compiled in the way that we want.

> CentOS by choice ships older (known stable and secure) code and PKGSRC
> by comparisson (in many cases not all) ships newer releases. There are
> conflicting ideals at work here and you will have issues as a result.

The pkgsrc installed packages can live side by side with those installed
by yum without any issues that I have encountered.  Can you be more

> And to add to it.... almost anything you could possibly need you will
> find in a binary form compiled for CentOS/RHEL/OracleEL in a repo.
> thats what the package manager is there for and in any case you can
> quite easily build RPMs against CentOS and host you're own repo quite
> easily.

Your ability to understand my needs without me telling them to you is
quite impressive.  I also observe that it's much nicer to compile
packages from source using pkgsrc than any other system I have used, and
I particularly don't agree that one can "easily build RPMs".

> What is it that you are trying to accomplish?

I want to use pkgsrc on CentOS / RHEL because I like pkgsrc's feature
set compared with the alternatives.


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