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Conflict with CC and CXX???

Although I can specify my compiler with PKGSRC_COMPILER I have noticed that 
having another compiler with CC and CXX leads to problems.

In my case I had the default selection (GCC) but with Clang in my CC and CXX.  
That gave me some problems with failed compilations until I realized that Clang 
was being used. 

For me it seems that even when PKGSRC_COMPILER, the CC and CXX of the 
environment overrides that option (don't know if completely or partially) 

Since I saw no warning of the information mismatch between PKGSRC_COMPILER and 
CC/CXX I wonder if that is a bug. I am posting to both pkgsrc lists because I 
am not sure if it is a bug, at least I would have liked to get a warning.

-- Francisco

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