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jabberd 1.4 failing

One of my systems recently rebooted (for reasons unrelated to jabber)
and on restore jabberd is running and accepting ssl connections on 5223
but not reading the data that has been received.

running with -D, I asked pidgin to connect and got:

Tue May  4 13:48:44 2010  mio.c:620 mio while loop, working
Tue May  4 13:48:44 2010  mio.c:380 _mio_accept calling accept on fd #9
Tue May  4 13:48:44 2010  mio_ssl.c:241 NULL ctx found in SSL hash
Tue May  4 13:48:44 2010  mio.c:607 mio while loop top

and there are 70 bytes in the receive queue on the TCP socket from the
client.  It stays like this until the client gives up.

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