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re: updating COMPAT_LINUX for linux 2.6.x support.

   (2) what linux kernel version do we want to claim to be in uname?
       it would be good for this to be at least as recent as the
       kernel matching what we choose in (1).  but it would good to avoid
       going too wild with this, to keep the amount of new emul code
       that's needed to a minimum.

i'd recommend 2.6.18 (or 2.6.9) as an initial baseline since those are
commonly used for building (at least commercial) linux software.
   (3) what all needs to be done in COMPAT_LINUX to support the choice for (2)?
       my understanding is that the biggest problem area in general is
       pthread support.

as rmind suggested, i think that in NPTL world we should go with the
native one process multiple LWPs method for emulation, since that is
really modelling what linux does as well.


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