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HEADS UP: Options of "apache22" package changed


I've made a few changes to the option handling of the "apache22" package
today(*). The changes from an enduser's point of view are:

1.) The option "apache-shared-modules" is now enabled by default.
    Ths means that all Apache modules will be built as ".so" files.
    If you haven't used ths option in the past you need to either
    disable it or add the missing "LoadModule" directives to the
    Apache configuration.

    You can find a list of the modules and their documentation here:

2.) It is no longer possible to set the worker model via the
    "APACHE_MPM" variable. You have to use one of these options instead:

apache-mpm-event        Use multi-threaded workers in Apache web server.
apache-mpm-prefork      Use pre-forked workers in Apache web server.
apache-mpm-worker       Use multiple processes of multi-threaded workers

    The option "apache-mpm-prefork" is enabled by default which matches
    the previous default.

        Kind regards


Matthias Scheler                        

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