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Re: can't build mail/spamassassin

    Date:        Sun, 28 Mar 2010 16:27:04 +0200
    From:        Klaus Heinz <>
    Message-ID:  <>

  | The number comes from the subversion repository.


  | I uploaded my own copy of those files to

OK, I'll delete the copies I put on munnari (or those same one might
be there 10 years from now...)

  | If you refer to the "options" mentioned below in capital letters,

Those were what I meant yes, and now, I have no idea at all what I was
looking at, as spamassassin's pkgsrc Makefile doesn't look anything like
how I remember it (and it clearly hasn't changed...)   So, apologies,
whatever I saw made me think that I was supposed to be able to alter those
in mk.conf (or when doing "make" on the command line) - but whatever that
was, it clearly is not there now.

  | Those harmless but worrying messages come from ExtUtils::MakeMaker

OK, "harmless" was all I needed to hear...

  | Those messages all come from SpamAssassin and suggest modules you might
  | be interested in. If they happen to be installed they will be used at
  | run-time, either automatically or if you enable them via the appropriate
  | plugin.

Ah, OK, if it is run time detection, then no problem, I was just a little
concerned that (like many packages) compile time availability might have
affected how things operate.   If that's not the way it works, all is fine.

Thanks for the reply.


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