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Re: mail/mailagent

Joerg Sonnenberger <joerg <at>> writes:
> is anyone actually using mail/mailagent? It requires hard-coded FQDN,
> doesn't allow building as root and was last updated in 2001.

I forgot to answer that the hard-coded FQDN at build time comes from the early
days where people using software had to compile it themselves for their
organization.  At the time, it made sense to request a FQDN to setup a default.

Nowadays, just say "".  Each individual user can supersede the
hardwired default anyway in his own ~/.mailagent configuration.

Building anything as root is strongly discouraged.  You should only run "make
install" as root.  And when packaging, it's enough to "fake root" because you're
installing in a subtree anchored in a place other than "/" anyway.


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