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Hello, I am trying to using the source packages on ubuntu 9.10 but I do not 
have a /usr/X11R6 directory for installing x-links. Could anybody advise what I 
should do? Here is the error message:

=> Verifying reinstall for ../../pkgtools/x11-links
ERROR: This package has set PKG_FAIL_REASON:
ERROR: pkgsrc has been configured to use a system provided X11 installation
ERROR: but one could not be found. Possible solutions:
ERROR:     *) install X headers and libraries in X11BASE (currently /usr/X11R6)
ERROR:     *) set X11_TYPE=modular in mk.conf to use X11 from pkgsrc
ERROR: Please note that changing the value of X11_TYPE in existing
ERROR: pkgsrc installations is not supported!

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