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[announcement] pkg_status - faster replacement for lintpkgsrc -i

I've made a tool (wip/pkg_status) for comparing versions of installed
packages with pkgsrc source tree. It works drammatically faster than
'lintpkgsrc -i' and is more powerful. 'pkg_chk -unk' also works even
slower. Future version will support comparison with
pkg_summary.{txt,gz,bz} too (-b option).  Manual page will be ready in a
few days or so.

Like many of my other toys this one is based on wip/pkg_summary-utils.

Two typical usages are

  pkg_status -su # equal to -s, -u is the default
  pkg_status -sa

Full help message is below:

pkg_status - compare versions of installed packages
with pkgsrc source tree or pkg_summary.{txt,gz,bz2}

  pkg_status -h
  pkg_status -s [OPTIONS] [ [--] [ pkg_info args ] ]
  pkg_status -b [OPTIONS] [ [--] [ pkg_info args ] ]
  -h     display this help message
  -s     compare against pkgsrc source tree
  -b     compare against pkg_summary(5) database (not implemented yet)
  -r     raw pkg_cmp_summary(1)'s output
  -u     analyse packages marked as installed by user (the default)
  -a     analyse all installed packages
  -A     by default up-to-date packages are skipped,
         with -A they are output too
  -Q     No noisy reminder about output format
  -D     for debugging purposes, temp files are not removed
   pkg_status -h
   pkg_status -s
   pkg_status -saQ
   pkg_status -sA
   pkg_status -sar
   pkg_status -s pkg_install bmake bootstrap-mk-files
   pkg_status -srA -- pkg_summary-utils

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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