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Re: Skype?

"Nino on NetBSD 5.0.1" <> writes:

> I am very impressed with pkgsrc, which I tried yesterday and today for
> the first time seriously.

Glad to hear it's useful.  [I re-wrapped your mail to fit in 80

Your message belongs on pkgsrc-users, not netbsd-users.

> One problem I did encounter, though, and it remains unsolved: there is
> no more a skype 1.4 port. What should I do best if I want to use
> skype? - Video is not important; sound would be nice, though.

Basically, pkgsrc has entries for programs when people have done the

> I see the following possibilities:
> 1. I could kindly ask you to send me skype's archive file, if you have
> it;

Skype has a lengthy license, and while it might be redistributable I
suspect very few people are inclined.

> 2. I could try to use the new version of skype offered on their
> website - however, this is for Suse 11 and not 10;

> 3. I could try to use some more ancient version of skype for Windows
> over wine - I have no idea whether sound would work;

> 4. I could try to install linux in qemu and use skype there - complete
> overkill, not my preferred solution, and I am not even sure whether
> this would work at all.
> I am so far opting for first trying possibility 1., in case nothing
> contradicts it from a technical standpoint. So, could someone please
> send me the archive off-list?

net/skype is at
It's marked NO_SRC_ON_FTP because the license is too hard to understand.

So I'm not sure what your problem is, but if it's that the skype company
no longer distributes, you are out of luck for that version.
So you can update the pkgsrc entry for a newer version; that might be
easy or it might be quite difficult.  

If you want to learn enough about pkgsrc to update it, read

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