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Re: saving lang/squeak?

Michael Litchard <> writes:

> I discovered that lang/squeak is broken, by googling for the errors
> I've been experiencing.
> I'd like to keep it in the hopes someone takes up the mantle, or at
> least explains what needs to be done. If it's in my scope I might take
> it on.

If anyone wants to help or take over, here's the current state:

This provides VM _only_, if you know Squeak, you know how to procede.

I strongly recommend building and installing it with USE_DESTDIR=yes.
NAS is made optional but I didn't convert it to options framework yet,
I didn't neither test nor worked on sound support, only build-tested it,
if anyone can shed some light what was the problem with it previously,
I'd like to hear (why OSS didn't/doesn't work?).


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