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Re: checking out older versions of packages

On Fri, Oct 23, 2009 at 11:32:54AM +0200, JÃrn Clausen wrote:
> My question: Is it possible *in an easy way* to revert single packages
> from CVS? I.e. are there standardized tags given to releases, so that
> I can simply check out version 4.3.0 of gmp? Or do I have to find the
> correct version of all individual files for a given point in time?

AFAIK gmp 4.3.0 hasn't been in pkgsrc, it was upgraded from 4.2.4nb1 to
4.3.1.  You can easily go back to older version in CVS by use date tags
(absolute or relative), eg.:

cvs -q up -dP -A -D "3 months ago"

To go back to HEAD, do:

cvs -q up -dP -A

(-A is to clear all sticky flags)

If you explicitly need 4.3.0, easiest is to just change the DISTNAME in
the Makefile, run "make makesum" and rebuild.


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