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Re: Why including meta-pkgs everywhere ?

On Sunday 11 October 2009 07:18:03 Demelier David wrote:
> I can't understand why pkgsrc include meta-pkg depend everywhere, I mean
> I wanted to install only some kdebase stuff and it depend on everything
> meta- pkgs/kde4.

> Same for k3b, konversation, kmess, why these pkg needs a full kde
> installation ? Do you think konversation need kdeedu, kdegames,
> kdemultimedia ?

They don't and the dependencies don't say that they do.  Generally they 
only depend on kdelibs and sometimes kdebase (in the kde3 case).
Note that "../../meta-pkgs/kde3/" (and kde4/ are not package 
dependencies, they are common makefile fragments that set things 
appropriately for building kde packages in a pkgsrc context.


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