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xorg, dri, and xf86-video-intel on a ThinkPad T500


With the Intel Mobile Intel GM45 Express Chipset on a ThinkPad T500, I had 
been unable to get xorg (from pkgsrc) working when I enabled dri.  It would 
crash on startup with the display in an unusable state.  The log reports the 

(EE) intel(0): hw status page initialization Failed
(EE) intel(0): Fail to setup hardware status page.

followed by a fatal server error.  In order to reset the display, I had to 
reboot.  Without dri, he driver worked with some localized display corruption.

I decided to try the latest xf86-video-intel driver from xorg git and I'm 
happy to report that that version appears to work just fine -- with or without 
dri.  If anybody is interested in following up on this issue, I can provide 
xorg logs.

This is on NetBSD-current / amd64.


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