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Re: Package binaries for NetBSD/macppc 4.0 / pkgsrc-2009Q1


I've uploaded the new results of a bulk rebuild of pkgsrc-2009Q1
done on NetBSD/macppc 4.0 to

A total of 3.5GB of packages were uploaded for a total of 2062 packages.
The packages which are available in new versions or which were not
available earlier are: Transmission-1.51, apache-2.2.11nb5,
apr-util-1.3.7, base-, bochs-2.3.7nb3, clamav-0.95.2,
crossfire-server-1.11.0nb2, cscope-15.7a, cups-1.3.9nb2, geeklog-,
imp-4.3.3, instiki-0.9.2nb4, kdegraphics-3.5.10nb2, libffi-3.0.8nb2,
libsndfile-1.0.20nb1, mailscanner-, mapserver-4.0nb5,
ntop-3.3.8, openssl-0.9.8knb1, p5-Compress-Raw-Zlib-2.017,
pidgin-2.5.5nb1, png-1.2.37, psi-0.11nb1, ruby-,
ruby-mode-, ruby18-, ruby18-base-,
ruby18-curses-, ruby18-gdbm-, ruby18-readline-,
ruby18-tk-, sarg-2.1nb3, websvn-1.61nb8, wireshark-1.0.8, and

Undoubtedly the png update triggered lots of other package rebuilds, but
the rebuilt versions are the same versions as before.

The source tree this was built from was updated Jun 10, 2009.  For now
I'll continue updating and rebuilding for the pkgsrc-2009Q1 branch for
this arch/os/os-version.

For the packages which are not architecture-specific (should be the vast
majority), these packages should also be usable on other powerpc ports.


- Håvard

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