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Re: Package binaries for NetBSD/alpha 4.0 / pkgsrc-2009Q1


I've uploaded the results of a bulk rebuild for NetBSD/alpha
4.0 to

A total of 1.2GB of packages were uploaded for a total count of 1799
packages.  The list of new packages or packages which were not
available before is: Transmission-1.51, amaya-10.0.1,
apache-2.2.11nb3, cdrtools-2.01.01alpha58.2nb1, clamav-0.95.1nb1,
crossfire-server-1.11.0nb2, cy2-anonymous-2.1.23, cy2-crammd5-2.1.23,
cy2-digestmd5-2.1.23, cy2-gssapi-2.1.23, cy2-ldapdb-2.1.23,
cy2-login-2.1.23, cy2-ntlm-2.1.23, cy2-otp-2.1.23, cy2-plain-2.1.23,
cy2-sql-2.1.23, cyrus-imapd-2.2.13nb8, cyrus-sasl-2.1.23,
cyrus-saslauthd-2.1.23, dovecot-1.1.13nb1, drupal-5.18, drupal-6.12,
freetype2-2.3.9nb1, ghostscript-8.64nb3, gnutls-2.6.6, imp-4.3.3,
instiki-0.9.2nb4, lcms-1.18nb2, libffi-3.0.8nb1, libmodplug-0.8.7,
libnbcompat-20090413, mapserver-4.0nb5, mit-krb5-1.4.2nb8, nsd-3.2.2,
ntop-3.3.8, opensc-0.11.8, opensc-signer-0.11.8, phpmyadmin-,
pidgin-2.5.5nb1, poppler-0.10.6, poppler-glib-0.10.6,
poppler-includes-0.10.6, poppler-qt-0.10.6, poppler-qt4-0.10.6,
poppler-utils-0.10.6, postfix-2.5.7, psi-0.11nb1, ptlib-2.6.1nb1,
py25-networkx-0.37nb1, quagga-0.99.12, ruby-,
ruby-mode-, ruby18-, ruby18-base-,
ruby18-curses-, ruby18-gdbm-,
ruby18-readline-, ruby18-tk-, sarg-2.1nb3,
squirrelmail-1.4.19nb1, typolight-2.6.7nb2, unrealircd-3.2.7nb2,
websvn-1.61nb8, wireshark-1.0.8, xine-lib-, and

The source tree this was built from was updated May 26, 2009, and
the packages were built on a system running 4.0.

I'll for now be updating this system along the 2009Q1 branch and
upload the updated binaries when done.


- Håvard

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