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Broken mirrors for textproc/tex-makeindex?

I've been trying for some time to re-build print/teTeX from pkgsrc-2009Q1
and now -current (to hunt bugs for 2009Q2).  I was always stopped by
textproc/tex-makeindex complaining about bad SHA1 checksum on
../../distfiles/tex-makeindex-2.12/makeindex.tar.lzma .

It seems several of the mirror sites in the script generated by
"bmake fetch-list" have broken copies of the archive.  They are
one byte short (2252) versus what's in distinfo (2253) and as
such, fail the SHA1 checksum.

I was finally able to obtain an intact copy from the distfile repository
at "".

Failed downloads (length/checksum mismatch): (FTP or HTTP)

Failed downloads (no such file or directory):  (no file makeindex.tar.lzma)  (no directory tex-makeindex-2.12)

Confirmed on both MacOS X 10.4.11 (PPC) and NetBSD-4.0_STABLE/i386.

The only source of the archive that worked was from "".
The files downloaded from each of the other mirrors failed either the
size or SHA1 checksum test.

It worries me a bit when only one of several mirrors has a working
version of an archive.  In this case more since I'd expect a CTAN site
to have a definitive known good copy.

Please look into this.


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