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Re: Patch needed for comms/conserver8 on -current or netbsd-5

Chris Ross wrote:

>   Hi there.  I'm not sure where I should look for who is the owner/maintainer 
> of a package in pkgsrc.  Sorry if this is wrong, or too broad, of an audience.

For installed package Z:
  $ pkg_info -Q MAINTAINER Z
  $ pkg_info -Q OWNER Z

The latter variable is rarely used, see docs/pkgsrc.txt for the difference.

If you have the package file but it is not installed yet:
  $ pkg_info -B ./Z.tgz | egrep '(OWNER|MAINTAINER)'

Otherwise you have to look at the Makefile for the package in a pkgsrc
  $ egrep '(OWNER|MAINTAINER)' /usr/pkgsrc/category/Z/Makefile

As an alternative you can use the fine web site to look for
the MAINTAINER/OWNER of a given package.


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