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Re: Updating pkgsrc + wip

On 6/12/09 1:10 AM, Mike Cappella wrote:

Thanks for the comments.

I can't comment on the lintpkgsrc issue, but checking out pkgsrc-wip to
a subdirectory of pkgsrc should work fine:

$ cvs -d $NETBSD_CVSROOT co -PA pkgsrc
$ cd pkgsrc
$ echo wip >>.cvsignore

Ah, got it.

$ cvs -d $PKGSRCWIP_CVSROOT co -PA wip

After this you don't run `cvs checkout' anymore, but `cvs update'

Two separate cvs updates, each w/corresponding CVSROOT that is, right?

Answering my own question - I see the answer is "no", as the CVS/Root contains the root, so cvs update will pickup the root for each sub-directory tree.

I think this will resolve the updates in general.

On to lintpkgsrc -i complaints...

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