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Re: bug: databases/p5-MLDBM requires p5-Data-Dumper

 >> databases/p5-MLDBM requires p5-Data-Dumper which is absent in pkgsrc tree.
 >> There are no any package with such PKGBASE.
 >> Can anybody fix?
 >> databases/p5-MLDBM/Makefile:
 >>     14
 >>     15  DEPENDS+=       
 >> {p5-Data-Dumper>=2.08,perl{,-thread}>=5.6.1nb2}:../../lang/perl5
 >>     16
> Data::Dumper in version 2.121_14 is in the perl-core of perl-5.10. See
> Module::CoreList for more details.

And where is the package with name p5-Data-Dumper?

     In the places where a PACKAGE name/version is expected, e.g. for the -e
     switch, several forms can be used.  Either use a PACKAGE NAME with or
     without version, or specify a PACKAGE WILDCARD that gets matched against
     all installed PACKAGES.

     Package wildcards use fnmatch(3).  In addition, csh(1) style {,} alter-
     nates have been implemented.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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