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net/miniupnpd in combination with ipfilter


I'm having some problems with net/miniupnpd. I'm running 5.0/i386, and I'm
using ipfilter. Yes, I know, pf might be better, but I never managed to get it

miniupnpd claims to support ipfilter, by means of a PKG_OPTION. It seems
to be partially working - upnp requests are being handled and served, but
the forward rules never get deleted. miniupnpd no longer lists them as active,
but ipnat -l will still show them as active redirect filters, and my 
/var/log/messages is full of entries like 

May  9 08:47:16 slab miniupnpd[25807]: ioctl(SIOCGETFS): Invalid argument
May  9 08:47:16 slab miniupnpd[25807]: CleanExpiredNATPMP() failed

Clearly, something is going wrong.

I've tried to find out what is going wrong, but I'm afraid to admit that
I don't really understand how ipnat/ipf/iplog is supposed to work. The manual
pages and the sources seem to be out of sync, to the point where man 4 ipf

  ioctl(fd, SIOCGETFS, struct friostat *)

while miniupnpd *and* the kernel sources suggest that this ioctl needs
a generic wrapper class (struct ipfobj)

Furthermore, miniupnpd wants to call this IOCTL on /dev/ipnat, and as
far as I can see ipnat doesn't even understand this ioctl. 

Can someone give me a hint in the right direction, or a pointer where I can 
find more documentation? Has anyone actually got miniupnpd working with

Kind regards,

Martijn van Buul - 

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