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Re: Cyrus SASL 2.1.23 Released

I've updated cyrus-sasl to 2.1.23 in pkgsrc-HEAD.

On release announcement:

> I'd like to announce the release of Cyrus SASL 2.1.23 on
>  This version includes a fix for a potential buffer
> overflow in sasl_encode64() (see,
> otherwise it is identical to 2.1.22.  Please note that while this fixes
> vulnerable code, non-vulnerable code may break if the buffer passed to
> sasl_encode64() is the exact size of the encoded data and doesn't
> include space for the trailing NUL.

If it broke pkgsrc's packages, please report to upstream and/or here(or 

"Of course I love NetBSD":-)
OBATA Akio /

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