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Re: emulators/suse100_base on NetBSD-5/amd64 broken?

On May 1, 2009, at 11:42 AM, Thomas Klausner wrote:
On Fri, May 01, 2009 at 01:26:39AM +0200, Fredrik Pettai wrote:
I recently started to use amd64 on some new machines, and had problems
with the emulators/suse100_base + suse100_compat packages.

To be more exact, 64-bit Linux emulation doesn't work for me on iNTEL CPU(s).
32-bit (suse_100_32_*) Linux emulation works fine.

# uname -a
NetBSD localhost.localdomain 5.0_RC4 NetBSD 5.0_RC4 (GENERIC) #0: Wed
Apr 15 00:11:21 UTC 2009
src/sys/arch/amd64/compile/GENERIC amd64

# pkg_info | grep suse
suse_base-10.0nb5   Linux compatibility package
suse_compat-10.0nb3 Linux compatibility package with old shared

# sysctl emul.linux.kern.osrelease
emul.linux.kern.osrelease: 2.4.18

# chroot /emul/linux /bin/bash
bash-3.00# ls
Segmentation fault (core dumped)
bash-3.00# exit

As a data point, this works for me on NetBSD-5.99.11/amd64.
(tested on a machine running AMD CPU(s))

I spoke with, who wrote the LINUX_COMPAT/amd64,
and he said that I should use emul.linux.kern.osrelease = 2.6.11 or
later for Linux/amd64 libc to load.
(btw. I can't find that documented either...)

So I gave that a try as well...

# sysctl -w emul.linux.kern.osrelease=2.6.11
emul.linux.kern.osrelease: 2.4.18 -> 2.6.11

# chroot /emul/linux /bin/bash
[1]   Segmentation fault (core dumped) chroot /emul/linux /bin/bash

And that seemed to perform even worse...

Works for me as well.

(tested on a machine running AMD CPU(s))

This problem seems to be documented in PR 36184

Thomas test was done on a machine running AMD CPU(s) as commented by me above, but the problem the PR describes is on iNTEL CPU(s), which is what I'm experiencing as well. Just for test, I've also verified that 64-bit Linux emulation worked well on a machine with NetBSD 4.99.73 and AMD CPU(s).

Although the original author (I think) of the Linux emulation thinks that it's very unlikely that it's something with the CPU architecture (AMD vs. iNTEL) that triggering this "bug", my (small) collection of data points in that direction.

So I'm wondering if it's someone out there that has working 64-bit Linux emulation on iNTEL CPU(s) on a machine running NetBSD 4.99.xx < current ?


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