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Installing binary packages as a dependancy during 'make package'

I have DEPENDS_TARGET=package set in my mk.conf file. When I run 'make
package' any dependant packages will be built, installed and saved into
PACKAGES directory.

Is there a way to make pkgsrc look into binary PACKAGES directory and
install that package?

For example, say I want to build www/firefox3 package, which depends on
x11/gtk2 package. I have a binary x11/gtk2 package in my PACKAGES
directory, but for some reason it's not installed.

So when I go to www/firefox3 and run 'make package', I want pkgsrc to
first look in PACKAGES directory, find a binary x11/gtk2 package and
automatically install it, instead of building x11/gtk2 from scratch
(assuming I deleted all object files during previous package builds).

Is this possible?

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