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Re: 2009Q1?

On Tue, 12 May 2009 07:54:41 -0000, Menuhin Saitov <> wrote:

Marijan Unetic wrote:
Is 2009Q1 released or not?
It is stable, according to the home page.
On the other hand, I didnt's release announcement.
Neiher binary packages.

I remember it went freeze before month or two.

What is the status of 2009Q1?

Afaik it wasn't announced , its on the netbsd server and there are binary packages.


I read about some major changes in the tree structure.
The reason why wip couldnn't work with 2008Q4 recently.
I wonder how safe is to upgrade to 2009Q1 with
pkg_comp/pkg_chk, as I used to.


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