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Re: 2009Q1?

> Is 2009Q1 released or not?

The pkgsrc-2009Q1 branch was created in early April, if I recall
correctly.  I don't know if that constitutes what you call a
"release" though.

> It is stable, according to the home page.
> On the other hand, I didnt's release announcement.

Some digging reveals that it appears that the announcement was
actually not sent out (yet)...  Hopefully that will be corrected

However, the creation of the pkgsrc branches are done on a
schedule; you should expect a new branch about every 3 months.

> Neiher binary packages.

There are binary packages for the following set of architectures
and NetBSD OS-versions for the 2009Q1 branch (from

5.1G    amd64/3.1_2009Q1
8.8G    amd64/4.0_2009Q1
9.2G    amd64/5.0_2009Q1
7.1G    i386/3.1_2009Q1
9.3G    i386/4.0_2009Q1
9.4G    i386/5.0_2009Q1
4.3G    powerpc/3.1_2009Q1
7.0G    powerpc/4.0_2009Q1
6.9G    powerpc/5.0_2009Q1
2.8G    sparc/3.1_2009Q1

> I remember it went freeze before month or two.
> What is the status of 2009Q1?

I'd say it is "actually released" and it is now being maintained,
i.e. additional fixes are being applied to the branch until the
pkgsrc-2009Q2 branch is created, which is supposed to happen
sometime near mid-year.

Best regards,

- Håvard

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