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Re: Setting LINGUAS="" breaks the bmake replace target

walt <> writes:

> I set my LINGUAS variable to the null string because I don't
> want all those unneeded .po/.mo files taking up disk space.
> That part works correctly, but the names of all those files
> still get added to the +CONTENTS file even though they are
> not installed -- which causes the bmake replace target to
> fail on every package.
> Fortunately I can still use bmake install but I can't use
> pkg_rolling-replace now, which I like better than pkg_chk.
> Would this be difficult to fix?

If what you are doing is changing your environment to alter the way
pkgsrc packages are built, then you have found a bug in pkgsrc which
doesn't undo this before building, resulting in incorrect builds ;-)

Seriously, this sort of change doesn't work.  pkgsrc needs to know how
the build is going to go to keep dependencies consistent.  So all
control over building has to be within pkgsrc.

Now, if you'd like to figure out how to add per-package options, or a
global pkgsrc option, that passes an empty LINGUAS or --disable-nls to
packages marked as taking it, and also omits the po files from the
package, then that would work.  Do not expect this to be a wicked easy

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