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Sun's VirtualBox emulator ported to FreeBSD


I assume I'm talking mostly to NetBSD users here, and pkgsrc/wip
have no port of VirtualBox, which means that maybe you've never used

IMHO it's a pretty nifty open-source competitor to VMWare and
friends.  Naturally, the target market for Sun has been Solaris
and more recently linux, so support for the BSD's has been lagging
a bit behind.

Today this announcement was posted to the vbox mailing list, and
I'm hoping someone here may be inspired by it:

Thanks to Alexander Eichner all vbox developers, Gustau Perez and Ulf
Lilleengen - we got r19378 successfully build and started on FreeBSD
current and 7.2 with some additional patches!


It's does not work on FreeBSD 6 and amd64 yet and there are a few
unresolved problems - but it already installs FreeBSD on FreeBSD :o)

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