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Re: pixman and x11-links

On Sat, Feb 28, 2009 at 08:39:21PM +0000, Patrick Welche wrote:
> # cd pkgtools
> # cd x11-links 
> # make update
> ===> Deinstalling for x11-links-0.42
> Running /usr/sbin/pkg_delete -K /var/db/pkg -r x11-links-0.42
> ===> Checking for vulnerabilities in x11-links-0.42
> ===> Installing for x11-links-0.42
> /usr/bin/install -d -o root -g wheel -m 755 /usr/pkg/share/x11-links
> cd  /usr/pkgsrc/pkgtools/x11-links/work.i386/share/x11-links &&  pax -rw .  
> /usr/pkg/share/x11-links
> => Automatic manual page handling
> => Registering installation for x11-links-0.42
> pkg_admin: x11-links-0.42: Symlink 
> `/usr/pkg/share/x11-links/lib/' exists and is in 
> +CONTENTS but target does not exist!

This is your issue.  I'll explain more.

> ===> Cleaning for x11-links-0.42
> # ls -l /usr/pkg/share/x11-links/lib/
> lrwxr-xr-x  1 root  wheel  36 Dec  9 22:02 
> /usr/pkg/share/x11-links/lib/ -> 
> /usr/X11R7/lib/
> # ls -l /usr/X11R7/lib/*
> lrwxr-xr-x  1 root  wheel      21 Jan 12 11:44 
> /usr/X11R7/lib/ ->
> -r--r--r--  1 root  wheel  224127 Jan 12 11:43 
> /usr/X11R7/lib/
> lrwxr-xr-x  1 root  wheel      18 Feb 19 01:42 
> /usr/X11R7/lib/ ->
> -r--r--r--  1 root  wheel  236493 Feb 19 01:11 
> /usr/X11R7/lib/
> but not sure what to change in
> pkgsrc/pkgtools/x11-links/files/xorg.pixman:
> lib/
> Changing to .12.0 would presumably work for me, but is pkgsrc designed for
> NetBSD-5 rather than -current? Any way to accept both?

It does accept both.  The problem here is that the version of x11-links
measures its global knowledge of X11 installations, but in its installed
form, it matches the knowledge it has of the base system at the time it
was built.  That means a change in your system will make a built (or
installed) x11-links obsolete, but that doesn't mean the global
knowledge changed.  So there is no real way to trigger a rebuild from

Looking at what you send, I see that you do "make update", but as I
said, x11-links hasn't changed, so the version in WORKDIR seems up to
date as far as pkgsrc is concerned.  If you look closely, you'll notice
x11-links is not being rebuilt.  So the exact same version as before is
being installed, and pkg_admin does notice what is wrong there, because
the target missing was on the system when x11-links was built, but it's
not there anymore.

The fix is obviously to "make clean" in pkgtools/x11-links.

Quentin Garnier - -
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