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Re: Question, QNX / Apache/PHP/MySQL (fwd)

> To whom it may concern,
> I have found on nabble site the email address and I would like to ask your 
> kindly help.
> I would like to setup and use a QNX based Apache/PHP/MySQL system for 
> educational/home use.
> In the installed QNX 6.4 I cannot find the installer (I tried to use it 
> earlier in v6.3)
> therefore I think I have to make the install/configure by hand or run with 
> something scripts.
> Where can I find the necessary newest version Apache/PHP/MySQL softwares and 
> install/configure infos?
> I would like to inquire, can you help me and send some good links/infos what 
> to do?
> I am beginner in QNX yet, but I had some little experience already with
> these softwares under Windows/Linux.

The old qnxinstall wasn't really maintained and was discontinued
as of 6.4.  pkgsrc is probably your best bet for up to date 3rd
party packages on qnx currently but there's undoubtedly still
issues to be found.


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