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Re: include BUILDLINK_API_DEPENDS in Makefile

> i am disorientated when i examine some makefile, which uses and includes 
> the following directive "BUILDLINK_API_DEPENDS.pkg+= pkg>=version", 
> compared with other package which does not use.
> for exemple: 
> sysutils/gnome-system-monitor (use BUILDLINK_API_DEPENDS in Makfile) , 
> sysutils/gnome-device-manager ( not use BUILDLINK_API_DEPENDS ).
> 1- On which basis we add BUILDLINK_API_DEPENDS in Makefile ?

When the build requires a newer version of the dependency than most other 

I see and fixed these issues often by doing this.

> 2- How we known that Makefile is correct (When we put the dependence 
> which is appropriate)?

Sometimes the configure script will tell you. (Sometimes using pkgconfig 

Sometimes it is only known from a failed build and then manual research.

> 3- Much option without mentioned in configure.{in,ac} for package, is it 
> obliged to transcribe all in Makefile?.

Not required. But doesn't hurt other than to make extra noise.

Also if a majority of packages start depending on a certain API or the 
provider of the API strongly says that newer API should be used, then we 
can bump that version directly in the file.

  Jeremy C. Reed

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