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Re: About a rc.d script and "--user ${puser}"


I placed the patch into /usr/pkgsrc/www/privoxy/patches/patch-af

#cd /usr/pkgsrc/www/privoxy
#make clean
#make makepatchsum
#make update clean
#cp /usr/pkg/share/examples/rc.d/privoxy /etc/rc.d/privoxy
#cd /usr/pkg/etc/privoxy
#chown root:wheel *
#chmod 664*
#/etc/rc.d/privoxy onerestart

localhost# ps ax -O uid,gid,groups=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|grep privoxy
4923 1004 1002 1002 ? ZLsl 0:00.08 /usr/pkg/sbin/privoxy --pidfile /var/run/ --user privoxy /usr/pkg/etc/privoxy/config

From privoxy administration page:

/usr/pkg/etc/privoxy/standard.action View <> /usr/pkg/etc/privoxy/default.action View <> *No write access.* /usr/pkg/etc/privoxy/user.action View <> *No write access.*

Well, it looks like it worked...

Maybe some of /usr/pkg/share/examples/rc.d/* scripts have similar problems if they are installed as service.

PS: In previous emails i said chmod=661 which should be chmod=664 -- read access to everyone.


Matthias Drochner, 02/03/09 12:40: said:
I have used the patch

There was a little bug in my patch (missing "&") - I'll
append a new one. The bug shouldn't have an effect unless
you pass a group explicitely on "privocy" invocation.
(There is little point to do so because "privoxy" will
pick up the primary group of the user specified which
is what we want.)

best regards

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