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Re: Gnome (gdm) no longer working on update to pkgsrc-2008q4

On 1 Feb 2009 at 9:51, Steven M. Bellovin wrote:

> On Sun, 01 Feb 2009 10:43:11 -0000
> "David Lord" <> wrote:
> > Putting the above "X: client 1 rejected from local host (uid 0)"
> > in google finds a hit for "nv driver and gnome broken" related to 
> > fedora.
> > 
> That strikes me as improbable.  I understand the immediate cause of the
> problem, but not why it's triggered here.  Furthermore, I don't have
> any Gnome machines I can experiment on.
> Briefly, clients -- in this case, probably gdm itself -- connecting to
> an X server have to authenticate themselves.  That can be done in a
> variety of ways; most likely here, it's using "magic cookie"
> authentication.  That in turn is generally set up by the xauth
> command.  I suspect that the change is that this form of authentication
> is now required, but for some reason isn't being set up properly, but
> just why this should be the case is unclear to me.  (Video drivers are
> back-ends to the X server; the authentication happens earlier.)
> One possible thought: has /etc/rc.d/gdm changed, and if so have you
> installed the new one?  My suspicion is that something needs to happen
> there, but I don't know what.

gdm was same in both directories.

I then found I was having problems with pkg_chk and 

I found pkg_chk had tried cd /usr/pkgsrc && make ....
rather than cd /usr/pkgsrc/dir/pkgname && make
so suspect I've messed up my packages. There were about 1050
installed but only about 350 when I aborted.

Diff of previous pkg_chk v1.60 and recent pkg_chk v1.61 has 
$PKGSRCDIR replaced by "$PKGSRCDIR" and I very much doubt
that relates to the problem.

After reinstalling both pkg_chk and pkg_rolling-replace it 
appeared updates might be back to normal again, without the 
above error. Pkg_chk indicated 735 pkgs missing and 502 
binary available.

'Pkg_admin rebuild' through up a lot of messages I didn't

I manually installed meta packages for modular-xorg then 
gnome which took a while but success and 
 'sudo /usr/pkg/sbin/gdm' starts gnome ok.

I still have around 300 packages still to add indicated 
by  pkg_chk -na but this time I made sure it is reporting
the correct pkgpaths.



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