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Re: Support for Lua modules.

Aleksey Cheusov <> writes:

> I'm packaging a few Lua (lang/lua) modules in WIP, e.g.
> wip/lua-{stdlib,lrexlib-{onig,pcre,posix}}.
> Current Lua version is 5.1 and modules should be installed
> to lib/lua/5.1 directory, but it's not clear for me how
> to detect this directory properly from modules' Makefile.
> Probably lang/lua/ should be created for this.
> Has anybody any idea? Or maybe somebody can implement this.
> lang/lua is assigned to pkgsrc-users@, so I'm asking here.

The big question is if lua will be like perl, with only one version at
once, or like python.  It seems lua is stable enough that the
one-version approach works, but I don't really know.

I would suggest looking at lang/perl5/, which is probably too
complicated, but doesn't have the PYVERSION complexity.

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